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I moved to Caudies five years ago, and have been riding the lanes almost daily. I never tire of the lanes around Caudies, due to the fact there’s never any problems on the lanes with walkers unlike the UK. I am sure we have all been there! Also we don’t have any gates to contend with. I enjoy the fast pace of the flowing french lanes mixed with the stunning views around Caudies. I love riding through the forest with the smell of the pines and an open lane in front of me. I will be your lead guide, I look forward to showing you what this part of France has to offer.



I started working for Gecko Enduro about four years ago, as their main sweeper rider. Since then I have ridden with many customers, who like me are hooked on riding around Caudies.
I enjoy the fast flowing lanes, my favourite lane is called the Roller Coaster. As the name suggests, it’s like a Roller coaster, it’s two miles of up and down adrenaline fun on a loose gravel surface.
I also ride a 70 degree Husaberg with Tim, as we both rate the Berg as an awesome enduro bike. I run mine with a Rekluse clutch, which suits my style of riding.
I look forward to meeting you, and keeping you all safe from the back.

Jason and Bryan

We are a father and son team, who have been riding with Tim for the past two years, mainly in France. Although fairly new to the sport, we are both progressing with our skills every time we ride. We have ridden and worked alongside Tim and Phil for the last 2 seasons, its an atmosphere we both fully enjoy and in a few years we hope to move up and be Gecko trail guides.

Our Location

Click on the driving directions below for the route to us, the Channel Tunnel is far easier and quicker although at a price. As a rule the ferrys are cheaper, we shop around for the best deal at least four week's before we travel. There are a few different routes to travel down, Tim prefers to drive around Paris and then down to Toulouse, which is the fastest route and cheaper on the peage (toll roads). Jason prefers to take the route via Nice, avoiding Paris, although an easier route to drive, it is more expensive on the peage. If you need any advice on your journey or about driving in France, please feel free to contact us.